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Title: HTML5 Wins! Mobile Flash is Extinct.

Flash is Extinct

I have good news and some bad news. The good news is that Flash is dead on mobile devices.

Adobe is stopping development on Flash Player for browsers on mobile.

This is the summary from an e-mail sent to Adobe partners on Tuesday evening that was obtained and first reported on by ZDNet. The other good news to come from this is that Adobe will be putting more money into their HTML5 aspirations. I have really enjoyed working with the free previews of Adobe Edge, their HTML5 animation software. Adobe should be releasing the commercial version of Edge in 2012. I am hoping more resources will be devoted to its development.

Here is the bad news from an Adobe press release.

In order to better align resources around Digital Media and Digital Marketing, Adobe is restructuring its business. This will result in the elimination of approximately 750 full-time positions primarily in North America and Europe.

I hate to see so many people lose their jobs. I have been downsized before and not just after a cold shower. I know what all of the Adobe employees who might be affected by this are feeling today. My hope is that many saw the writing on the wall a long time ago and planned ahead. I would imagine many started working on their HTML5 skills in 2010 after Steve Jobs released his thoughts on Flash where he said that Adobe should drop Flash and focus more on creating great HTML5 tools.

Source: html5blog
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