Some of the Marketing Concepts we have developed...

Marketing Concept Development

Very rarely an ad reaches prospect clients when the products or services are needed. This is why ads must be memorable — they need to leave a mark on the target's mind so when the company is actually needed, clients can remember them easily.

So how is this achieved?

Listing all your products and services won't help; in fact, that will make the ad harder to digest and remember. Ads need to be creative and focus on one subject to push at the time. They don't need to describe a product or service. Instead, they should promote an idea that can be tied to the product or service utilizing something out of the ordinary that creates an emotional reaction on the target audience. Ads need to be simple, creative and somehow unique.

Why are Concept Ads so useful?

Concept Ads generate curiosity to motivate the audience to pay attention. Also, they are a great way to appeal to your target audience's sympathy. As a general rule — the more you like a company's advertising, the more you like the company itself.

Marketing done wrong is a total waste of resources; hire a professional to get it right and save. Whether it is a full blown campaign or a simple flyer, Adatila has the knowledge and resources needed to make your marketing efforts really profitable. Contact us to get you started today.
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